Mountain Goat Hill Race

Mountain Goat Hill Race


Kickapoo State Recreation Area
The 34th Annual Mountain Goat hill race is CANCELLED. In light of COVID-19, we are following the best practices of social distancing provided by public health officials. (We know, we know. This club is tough. You know that if you’ve ever eaten chicken wings right after a sweaty high five at the Howl or shared gold fish you carried in your pocket during the HASH.) But, we need to follow the guidelines set for us to mitigate the spread of illness.
The KRR board members pondered over this decision for a few months and had to finally make the hard decision in early summer. You can still run those hills and get ready for 2021…coming back better than ever! The board continuing to monitor public health organizations, and we will post updates to our Facebook page and website as soon as we have information.
Again, the Mountain Goat is CANCELLED but we will see you in 2021. Thank you for understanding.
You can find updates regarding COVID-19 at the link below.
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Join us Saturday, March 21, 2020 for the 34th Annual Mountain Goat!

This hilly race is the 2nd Grand Slam event of 2020.

The races are run on asphalt roads past woods and ponds. Each loop is out and back with 3 large uphills and 3 large downhills.  Choose from 3 Race Options:

Awards to first 50 finishers. Please no running!

This run is in memory of Benny Branson! Awards to first 50 finishers. Given as you finish.

Awards to first 50 finishers. Given as you finish! You gotta be TUFF to handle The Goat 8.8 with 12 uphill and
12 downhills! “It isn’t bragging if you’ve done it!”

Post-Race Party
Join us for a post-race party KRR style!
Held at the Turtle Run Banquet Center. – Cost $10.00 for taco bar, beer & music

1. See if you are in shape after the winter.
2. Enjoy the first weekend of spring.
3. See how out of shape you are after the winter!
4. Super spring marathon training.
5. It is not the usual sissy 5k that everyone can do.
6. It is a Kennekuk event so you know you get
your money’s worth.
7. The usual KRR after race party!
8. A medal you won’t want to miss…


Hey everyone! Volunteer opportunities for 2020 Mountain Goat are now open.

Please click on the following web link:

To sign up, just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do. 🙂

Thank you for volunteering!